Thinking Fishing - Always wondering why? By Chris Sheldon

Thinking Fishing by Chris Sheldon


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Not, 'Why we go fishing'; everyone writes about that... but 'why do we catch? Why does it work? What can I do when it doesn't?'

Chris had plenty of time to wonder why he wasn't catching anything, and then try to figure out why not.

Part memoir, part instuction, and more about 'why' rather than 'how', both coarse and trout anglers will find something thought provoking for them in this book.

Born and bred in Staffordshire, Chris has had over 40 years of fishing the rivers, cannals and lakes of the country as his inspiration. So many anglers are creatures of habit, always doing the same things. 'Thinking Fishing' is intended to get them to think about why things work, and then try something different.