The Knowledge of Snaring and Ferreting DVD

The Knowledge of Snaring and Ferreting DVD


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Phil Smalley of OneLife Productions delivers a concise and instrumental masterpiece on rabbit control. With demonstrational, step-by-step interviews on net making, snare making and snare placement with no detail overlooked.

This DVD will make you proficient in the art of snaring and ferreting. Two discs included.



"I couldn’t wait to see if this DVD was as good as others from these guys. It covers rabbit control which is a real passion for me above every other fieldsport. I love traditional ferreting the most and was not disappointed with this DVD.

"Although it was a little slow to start the action soon kicked in and again had me out there in the field with them. I could see myself running the longnets, laying the purse nets, running the dogs as well as laying and checking the snares. I must admit I really did enjoy this one as it took me back to my childhood hunting with my Pappy (grandad) and the rest of my family."

The Old Hedge Creeper.