Crow Shooting Secrets Revealed Vol.1 Dvd.

Crow Shooting Secrets Revealed Vol.1 Dvd.


As you would expect, Chris Green ‘the Cornish Countryman’ has once again filmed and produced an amazingly high quality film for all keen shooters.

In this epic two hour production (which has taken over two years to film) he passes on many vital secrets of his crow shooting success in his extremely educational, highly entertaining and often hilarious style.

This film features:-
•  Decoying over a Pheasant cover crop, brilliantly featuring the ''Playstick", a little known decoying technique. Proven to work with deadly effect in skilful hands.
A crafty ploy to fox the Crows on Spring drill - putting the 'distractor' Owl decoy to work with fascinating results.
•   Join us on a Springtime Somerset Rookery ''Brancher'' Shoot - Fantastic air rifle action!
•   How to cook a traditional Somerset Rookery Pie - brilliantly filmed, beautifully cooked by celebrated Chef Ralph Skripek with full instructions on how to make the tastiest pie ever - and that's a fact!
Outwitting the cunning corvids to save the farmer's bacon ! Proper down and dirty Pig Farm pesky Crow control.
•  Daybreak Graveyard Drama! - the 'impossible' field - A truly unique, thinking man's approach to catch the crafty corvids unaware - with hidden dangers!

Co-starring 'Cornish Country boy,' - James Green & 'The Wild Chef' Ralph Skripek.

Running time approximately 120 minutes.