Country Cookbook Vol 3

Country Cookbook Vol 3



In the popular tradition of The Countryman’s Weekly Cookbook, our third edition is brimming once again with a whole new collection of recipes and tips from the one and only Baroness De Wint.

Volume 3 offers a variety of ideas for every occasion. From appetisers and starters through to mains, desserts and of course the liquid, often alcoholic, accompaniments – every sized budget, pantry and appetite is catered for.

The easy-to-follow recipes are ideal for those who still enjoy cooking despite the fast pace of modern lifestyles, being easily put together with fantastic results. Whether cooking from scratch is new to you or you simply want to add to that ever-growing kitchen bookshelf, then The Countryman’s Weekly Country Cookbook Volume 3 is an invaluable addition.

The kitchen, much like the countryside, is a place to explore and enjoy. You don’t need the title – or nickname! – of Baroness to try these culinary ideas, but you may find great inspiration in cooking in the style of someone who has!

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